Ride Requirements
  • Have a valid membership in the OFTR. If you regularly ride in Simcoe County please designate SCORRA as your local club when signing up.
  • Know where you are riding, don’t trespass and stay on designated trails.
  • Ride in control and observe a 50kmph speed limit
  • Respect and expect other trail users
  • Abide by our Code of Conduct
Your Bike MUST be:
  • Licensed (Green off road plate on front, or Blue street plate on rear)
  • Insured
  • Quiet (94 db or less). Don't annoy our neighbors, and risk loosing access to trails.
    Loud Bikes Suck!
  • Equipped with a spark arrestor
On your behalf and with your assistance Your Club also:
  • Maintains and patrols the trails
  • Liaises with the county, municipalities, and other trail users.
  • If you ride without a trail pass you are trespassing.
  • Trails are patrolled by the police and bylaw enforcement officers.... you will be charged.
  • Ride legal and encourage those you ride with to do the same.

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