SCORRA currently has 27 trained trail stewards who have attended our trail steward orientation program and are equipped with high visibility orange and yellow patrol vests, educational materials, and basic first aid supplies to assist any trail users. Stewards conduct random patrols of our approved trail system observing, educating trail users regarding legal requirements and our code of conduct, and reporting observations to appropriate parties (landowner, police etceteras). Our stewards are also deployed to address problems within approved riding areas at the request of members, or our community partners. We receive 30-50 patrol reports from our stewards each month through our online reporting portal

Our trail stewards have assisted hikers who have sprained ankles, mushroom pickers that have gotten lost and needed directions back to where they parked, and have even assisted in accident situations involving bikes and ATVs, alerting ambulance personnel and transporting injured trail users out to the road where medical personnel could render assistance. The SCORRA trail stewardship program has been touted as the model for such programs in Ontario and has resulted in improved relations with the County, Townships and residents of the area.

Also as part of our stewardship program SCORRA conducts sound tests for all ORM’s participating in club events, and can provide trail side sound testing as part of our ongoing trail user education and noise abatement program.

We maintain trails throughout the year as the need arises and undertake forest cleanup in the spring having removed many tonnes of garbage since we started our annual cleanup blitz 3 years ago. In 2009/2010 SCORRA in partnership with the County of Simcoe, the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders and the National Trails Coalition as part of the Government of Canada’s $25 million investment in recreational trails undertook a trail creation and trail maintenance project which included trail signage and the construction of trail parking and staging areas.

SCORRA's Trails Stewards are truly...

Guardians of the Forest!


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